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Meet Jennifer Perry, or as we know her here, JP. Originally from Ontario, Canada, JP came to Townsville with a degree in Human Movement, specialising in Neurological Movement Disorders. After working at a retirement home, JP searched for voluntary health care opportunities abroad. Since 2009, JP has been to Papua New Guinea seven times!

So what do you love so much about PNG that you keep going back?

“I LOVE the people of PNG. They are both passionate and generous. They adopt you into their families and communities and make you feel as one of their own. There are several villages around the Gulf that I feel so at home in. There is one village in particular, where there is a man who considers himself my ‘uncle’, and in the same village, a couple who named their youngest child after me. What an honour and privilege!”

What are your hopes for the future in PNG?

“I believe that many more Papua New Guineans will be investing in and working with other nations. I see PNG becoming a model and source of hope to other developing nations, proving that positive change and development are possible, while maintaining their cultural identity.”

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