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For the Four Square’s Health Clinic in Kaugare, seeing around 200 patients a day is not unusual, and it is run by volunteers! When YWAM Medical Ships – Australia (MSA) health care volunteers visited the clinic to partner for the week, a hero’s story was discovered.

One of the first people to greet the YWAM MSA team was a woman named Louisa, who has been surrounded by the health care industry since she was a little girl.

“My mum is a community health worker (CHW) in Port Moresby, so I’ve always wanted to be a nurse. But, my dream is to one day become a trainer of nurses,” Louisa said.

Although she was accepted to attend nursing school, unfortunately for Louisa, lack of finances has prevented her from achieving this life-long dream. This, however, has not prohibited her from being involved in the industry as a full time volunteer at the health clinic.

Louisa expressed her desire for training is so she can equip other volunteers in the clinic more comprehensively to serve the women of Port Moresby. When asked about reoccurring cases in the clinic, Louisa mentioned such concerns as malaria infection, high blood pressure, and knife wounds.

These health issues are presented to Louisa daily. She expressed that if the clinic in Kaugare closed, there would be no health care for women in the area. Even though she has not become a registered nurse, Louisa greatly understands the need and appreciation for her dedication to the clinic.

“It is exciting, I can see smiles on the faces of the women,” Louisa said, when asked about her time working with the YWAM MSA team. What she may not have realised is it was the YWAM MSA team, smiling the most while working alongside such hero’s as the beautiful Louisa.

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