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As the YWAM Medical Ship team pulled up on the banks of Piru Piru Two, a small village in the Bamu River, they were greeted by the smiling faces of villagers anxiously awaiting medical care they had for so long been neglected.

None were more excited than one elderly man, Gagoi Sego, who patiently waited as the team unloaded their supplies and set up clinics. åÊGagio was approximately 75 years old and for years had seen so poorly that his young booboos (local term for grandchildren) assisted him in getting from place to place. Living in such a remote location Gagio had never had the opportunity for an eye check.

Gagio having his eyes check by the YWAM MSA volunteers

Gagio was the first patient in line and was helped into the clinic to see the optometry team. After testing his vision they were able to find him a pair of glasses and he couldn’t have been happier! Gagio didn’t speak English, but the way his eyes lit up said more than his words could have. As Gagio left the clinic he no longer needed assistance to get around. All afternoon he could be seen with his walking stick making rounds of the village. With his newfound sight Gagio seemed to want to see everything he hadn’t in years and was thoroughly enjoying the freedom to move around by himself.

As the YWAM team left the village that afternoon Gagio and his beautiful wife came out to the riverbank to say goodbye. He was all smiles – regaining his sight had given him a new lease on life!

Gagio with his new glasses and his new excitement!

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