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The flight of the Zodiacs – taking on the wilds of PNG

‘Youth with a Mission in their Zodiac RIBs’    Zodiac    Click Here to view large photo

Recently, a team of volunteers from YWMAM (Youth with a Mission) headed to the land of the Gulf Province of Papua New Guinea as part of a group of volunteers and health care workers seeking to change the lives of many for the better.

Tending the main hospital ship were two 5.2m Zodiac RIBs that took on inclement conditions and swollen rivers to visit villages where we delivered much-needed supplies, doctors, nurses, aid workers and educators. Despite the tropical rain and poor visibility, the visitors were welcomed by grateful and gracious locals.

The Zodiacs experienced muddy and primitive conditions, such as rickety lean-to ladders made of sticks and makeshift jetties. But, as the volunteers explained, their work is vital for the roll out of clinics to treat the local people – in many cases, life or death situations.

‘These Zodiac RIBS are comfortable in all conditions, because from the tropics to the Antarctic, they withstand extremes of temperature,’ said Zodiac, Dino Tantaro. ‘They are thrown in to some unimaginable situations and always come up trumps. It’s easy to understand why military forces around the world choose Zodiac.’

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by Jeni Bone


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