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Australian Game Show Highlights YWAM Volunteer’s Story in PNG

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People hear about YWAM’s work in Papua New Guinea through a wide range of ways, and this week, hearing about it on a game show was added to the list.

YWAM Medical Ships volunteer from 2016, Joanna Vinicombe, made the most of her moment of fame on Australian Game Show, Millionaire Hot Seat, by sharing about her volunteering experience aboard the YWAM Medical Ship, MV YWAM PNG.

When Game Show host, Eddie McGuire, asks about Joanna’s experience in PNG, she begins to share about two patients she had the opportunity to treat as part of her role on YWAM’s ophthalmology (eye surgery) team in 2016.

“They were two brothers who had been completely blind, they had been for about 20 years.

“We did cataract surgery on one eye each, because that was all the time we had.  

“A day later, when we took the patch off their eyes, we gave them both mirrors. They had not seen themselves for over 20 years, and could not stop laughing about how much they had aged!” said Joanna.

Eddie and the crowd laugh before Eddie asks his next question, “did you go back and fix their other eye?”

Joanna replies, “that’s what I’m hoping to do if I win some money!”

Joanna unfortunately didn’t win money on the hot seat that day, but the YWAM Medical Ships team were so touched by her story, that they offered to waive her outreach fee so she could return to PNG and be a part of treating more patients with Papua New Guinean eye care professionals, just like she had done two years ago.

“I’ve been longing to go back to PNG – being a part of such a transformation in people’s lives really is incredible.

“I’m glad I had the opportunity to share about it on National TV, I hope it inspires others to help our nearest international neighbours,” said Joanna.

Watch Joanna’s moment of fame on Millionaire Hot Seat at this link 🙂  


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