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Balancing on one crutch, Roger* hobbled to the open structure tucked into the centre of Ioma. His swollen foot throbbed from his fall five days past. The 31 year old father suspected a break, but his foot limited his ability to travel — and the only hospital that could treat the break was a day away.

Without the hospital’s treatment, Roger risked his foot healing improperly without the hospital’s help. As a banana farmer, mobility was integral to his ability to provide for his wife and two young children.

Thankfully, YWAM’s medical team had begun a three-day patrol in Roger’s remote area of Sohe District, Oro Province. While the team was not in Roger’s home village of Dabo, they were in nearby Ioma. With the aid of a dugout canoe and a lone crutch, Roger was able to reach Ioma quickly, albeit painfully.

Angela Waters, an Australian physiotherapist, quickly determined Roger’s foot was most likely broken and needed a cast to ensure proper healing. With the assistance of fellow volunteer and community health worker, Phillip Tahima, Ms Waters soon had Roger’s foot ensconced in a plaster cast.

Roger felt the difference almost immediately. “It feels a lot better with a cast,” he smiled.

In one week, Roger will undergo the lengthy trip to the local hospital, but with a significantly more stable foot. Thanks to the efforts of the patrol team, Roger is expected to regain full mobility. And for the young farmer, that means everything.


*Name changed 

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