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Matt Scott accesses one of the wells in Era Maipua with some of the village

The amazement on their faces when they saw the water coming out clear was unforgettable. The sight sent a huge wave of excitement throughout the crowd of men. Clean water is essential for life but in the village of Era Maipua, this necessity was in desperate need of improvement.

One day prior, YWAM Medical Ship (YWAM MSA) representatives, Matt and Anna Scott, met with about 15 village leaders in Era Maipua to discuss the needs of the village. It was then that the subject of clean water and sanitation came up as a major concern.


A well in Era Maipua before filtering the water.

The village leaders already knew the state of their water was contributing toward the sickness in the community and were ready to find a solution. They began to discuss with Matt and Anna what those solutions might look like.

They had a few water tanks to collect rainwater but for a village of 500 people, it was nowhere near enough. After talking about a few ideas, Matt brought it up to the leaders that together, it might be possible to make a water filter out of materials they already had in the village.

The next day, Buka, a leader who had been nominated to help address this issue, gathered a group of 15 men. Together, they set out to look at the wells and to build a water filter together with two of YWAM MSA’s engineers, Gerald and Matt. “We showed them how to build a simple filter for the well water, as well as how to build filters around the wells, which stops rain water draining in from the ground,” Gerald said.


Small scale filter to make bigger!

All it took to make the water filter was simple items; charcoal rocks, sand, a bucket, and a hose. As the water runs through, the charcoal kills the bacteria while the sand filters out the dirt. If done right, the water that leaves the hose will be as clear as rain water.

It was a great success and the excitement of them men was undeniable. The fact that these things that they had easy access to could provide them with clean water was incredible and they were thrilled to say the least!

Buka is now working on building more filters as well as training more men in the village to make water filters for their community. With the knowledge and tools, they are set to improve the health of the whole village and, effectively, save lives.

Buka told Matt, “when you come back, we will have many water filters to show you!”


Clean water!


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