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Consort Cadets Gain Sea Time on YWAM Medical Ship

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Cadets participating in Consort’s Cadet program have joined YWAM’s Training and Medical Ship, the MV YWAM PNG for 18 weeks to gain sea time and experience as part of their maritime training.

The MV YWAM PNG has been delivering healthcare and training services throughout Gulf, Western, Central and Milne Bay Provinces since February. To date, over 11,000 patients have received healthcare and training in 61 villages.

The four cadets, Heldrine Mali, Luxie Mura, Aisolie Omal and Hans Owa, have been supporting the medical ship’s operations by working alongside YWAM’s deck officers, deckhands and engineers. Their duties include deck maintenance, watches, navigation, and driving the small boats that ferry healthcare teams and patients to and from the ship.


Consort Cadets, Hans Owa, Luxie Mura, Aisolie Omal and Heldrine Mali

Steamships Trading Company’s General Manager for Corporate Affairs, David Toua said that it was the second year their cadets had joined the MV YWAM PNG.

Serving aboard the MV YWAM PNG is a unique experience for our cadets – they have the opportunity to work alongside experienced, multinational seafarers while directly supporting healthcare service delivery to rural areas.

“As a company, we have been a strong supporter YWAM Medical Ships since 2011, both financially and with logistical support, the cadet program is another extension of our partnership,” said Mr Toua.

Consort Cadet, Mr Aisolie Omal, said that it was his second stint on the MV YWAM PNG.

“I was a cadet on the MV YWAM PNG’s outreaches in the Southern region and Huon Gulf last year.

“When the opportunity came up to join again this year, I put up my hand – I’ve gained so much practical experience and knowledge from the YWAM crew.

“A highlight for me this time around was helping with community service projects in the villages – I helped install a solar lighting kit in an aid post, and two water tanks in a village. Before the tanks, their only water source was a muddy creek.


Aisolie helping to install a solar lighting kit in Bamio Aid Post, Western Province.

“Aside from the practical experience, I’ve also learnt so much about what it means to serve. My time onboard has inspired me to think more about my goals and values as I start my career as a mariner, I feel very privileged to have this opportunity,” said Aisolie.

The consort cadets will continue to serve aboard the MV YWAM PNG throughout Milne Bay Province and the Oro and Huon-Gulf coastline until the end of June before she returns to her home port, Townsville, for maintenance and further renovations.

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