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For Dr Daryl Holmes, restoring smiles is a part of his life’s work, but even for the founder and Managing Director of 1300 SMILES, today was a memorable day. Today, Frank Meyer walked aboard the YWAM Medical Ship for treatment.

Frank shared his story with Daryl. Due to the effects of chewing beetle nut for over 30 years – a local custom similar to chewing tobacco – Frank’s teeth were stained black. It was so extreme that he was ashamed to open his mouth. Unfortunately, he was not the only one humiliated by the state of his teeth. Frank’s whole family had deserted him. His wife had decided that his teeth, destroyed by his addiction to beetle nut, also reflected the state of his life and left him.

Frank was in the process of turning his life around. He shared this with Daryl and asked him to restore his smile as a symbolic statement of his new life, including giving up beetle nut! With this promise sealed by a handshake between the two men, Dr Holmes got to work.

It was around an hour later that Frank emerged from the dental clinic, with astounding results. When shown his new smile, a tear ran down his face. He was clearly both emotionally and physically moved by the incredible outcome.

“I was motivated to take on the challenge of restoring Frank’s teeth after hearing his story and commitment to attain a better life. It was such a pleasure to provide him with a fresh start,” said Dr Holmes.

The family man left the ship with both his confidence and a brighter outlook on life, excited to show his family his re-established smile, and tell them the story of his promise made to Dr Holmes.



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