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Incredible moments were still taking place, even on outreach eight, as the YWAM Medical Ship was wrapping up its time in PNG for the year. Onboard were a group of ten from Bowen, who had heard about the Medical Ship during the Australian tour last year. After 14 months of anticipation they were finally onboard and making the most of each day in the Western Province.


As their leader, Duane, assisted with clinic registration, he met a man named Albert who he instantly knew needed a few extra minutes of his attention. Putting his registration papers aside, Duane got to know Albert through the help of his brother who translated. He found that the previous year Albert had lost a thumb, due to some poor decisions, and that he was quite concerned it may not have healed correctly. After the clinic leader assessed the healing and assured Albert there were no further concerns, Duane went a step further.


He could see that Albert was ashamed of the choices he had made, which had led to the injury. Duane began to encourage Albert, sharing that there was no reason to live in shame and that his past choices no longer needed to define him. Duane spoke truth over Albert’s life, and slowly but surely he began to see Albert’s head lift and a smile creep onto his face.


As Albert left the ship and boarded a canoe back to his village, he looked like a completely new man. His head was held high for the first time since his injury, and his hope, dignity, and perspective were renewed that day!

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