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General Electric (GE) Donates Portable Ultrasound to YWAM Medical Ships

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GE donated a pocked-sized ultrasound machine to YWAM Medical Ships this month, for their medical ship, MV YWAM PNG, serving in rural and remote areas in the Southern region and Huon Gulf.

The innovative ultrasound machine (VSCAN with Dual Probe) will be utilised by YWAM Medical Ships’ primary health care teams, who work with local health care workers to set up mobile primary health care clinics in remote villages.

YWAM’s primary health care teams consist of volunteer doctors, nurses, midwives, and community health workers who are launched from the Training and Medical Ship, MV YWAM PNG, in small boats, and then carry their supplies and equipment in backpacks to a remote village. Their clinic is set up in a church, school, aid post, or even under a tree in collaboration with provincial health authorities and local health workers.

GE Country Leader in PNG, Mr Peter Loko, said they were proud to be supporting YWAM Medical Ships work in Papua New Guinea.

“We really admire YWAM Medical Ships innovative approach to healthcare delivery in PNG’s rural areas. “We knew that the VSCAN would be suitable additional technology for YWAM Medical Ships due the machine’s portability and efficiency in producing a visual of what’s going on inside the body quickly – we are delighted to be able to help,” said Mr Loko.

The VSCAN will aid YWAM Medical Ships clinicians in diagnostic decisions for a wide range of clinical applications – including obstetrics and abdominal examinations in particular.

One of YWAM’s program managers, Dr Sarah Dunn, said that the donation of the VSCAN is greatly appreciated.

“We are always looking for innovative and compact tools that improve our efficiency and most importantly, benefit our patients.

“Transporting heavy and bulky pieces of equipment just isn’t an option when a patrol team is traveling in a small boat and hiking to a village – the VSCAN is well suited for the mobile-model of rural health care delivery required in much of the country.

“We are really looking forward to adding VSCAN to our kit during upcoming patrols,” said Dr Dunn.

Since the beginning of 2017, the MV YWAM PNG, and her team of volunteers have already supported provincial health teams and local health care workers to deliver healthcare and education to over 6,000 patients in 41 villages.

Field activities include immunisations, maternal health services, dentistry procedures, eye care, health promotion and in-service training for local health workers.

The MV YWAM PNG has just returned from a successful deployment to Abau District, Central Province. Almost 100 volunteers were aboard for the voyage from 14 different nations.

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