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Getting Creative: Helping a Man See

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YWAM MSA volunteer optometrist, Carol Bartlett, was up for half the night thinking about a patient she’d seen earlier that day in Uiaku village, Oro Province.

His name was Robert. He had no muscle control in his eyelids – he had to tilt his head far back in order to see.

Robert 1

Carol had written him a referral letter for surgery, but she couldn’t shake the thought that perhaps more could be done. Late that night, she looked up the condition online and found pictures of glasses that had been made with a metal insert that lifts up the eyelids.

The following day, Carol recruited the expertise of the Chief Engineer, Craig, to fashion Robert a pair of glasses with a similar metal insert.

Robert 2

After a series of adjustments and tweaks – Robert was fitted with a pair of glasses in his prescription with the metal insert that helped prop up his eyelids.

Robert 3

While the transformation was subtle – it made a difference. What spoke volumes to Robert and his family, was that both Carol and Craig made the effort to think outside the box and get creative to find a solution to help improve Robert’s quality of life.

Robert 4

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