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Boio using her new crutches!

As Boio uncomfortably limped through the mud, her eyes squinted in an attempt to disguise the intense pain she was experiencing. A dirty orange rag was the only protection she had to cover the nasty infection that was the cause of this agony. A wound on her toe had gotten infected so badly that the result was not just unappealing, but unbearable as well. In her right hand she carried a thin cane of bamboo that acted as her crutch – one that could barely support her weight.

Her anxious father brought her to see the primary health care team in Baimaru. She was given a local anesthetic while the nurses drained out the river of puss and blood that came from the destructive wound. Witnesses of the procedure sympathised with Boio as she was treated for this cause of excruciating pain. Not only was it a huge discomfort, but it was also hindering her ability to walk and therefore be able to go to school.

After the nurses were finished, Boio’s toe was all clean and wrapped up. Her bamboo cane was swapped for a pair of metal crutches to keep her foot off the ground and away from the dirt. The feeling of relief was obvious as it spread across her face, replacing the despair, and returning her hope.


Boio’s foot before treatment.



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