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Husband & Wife on a Mission to Save Lives

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Husband and wife duo, Stanley and Borna, are more than just life-long companions, they are teammates on a mission to save lives.

Stanley and Borna met at Barnabas School of Nursing and have faithfully served as healthcare workers in Tufi, Oro Province for the last 18 years.

Borna, a passionate midwife, has the face of a typical woman of her age from the Tufi region; circling her eyes, cheeks, and forehead are the tracings of an elaborate tattoo that represents her tribe. Her face reflects more than just her people-group, but also her vast experience, resilience, and strength.

Borna shares stories of delivering babies during the middle of the night in Tufi Health Centre with no running water, electricity or a light. She attends to mothers in the dark, using the light of her mobile phone in short intervals to help conserve the battery. Mothers travel from across the region to see Borna; on average, she helps deliver five babies a month.

Once the mother delivers, the baby is handed off to her husband, Stanley, a pediatric nurse. He shares his pride as he recounts the mothers and children he and Borna have helped save.

“It is great working with my wife, we understand each other and work as a team. If a patient comes in that is a mother, I come to Borna, if a child comes in, Borna comes to me,” said Stanley.

Though Stanley’s dedication and passion is strong, he has been greatly held back in his work over the last few years due to severe cataracts. Important tasks like reading the print on vials and samples has been impossible.

“We get someone to work with Stanley to help – he has the knowledge but can’t do most of his tasks on his own. It has been very hard for him,” said Borna.

This week, Stanley had the cataract on his right eye removed aboard the MV YWAM PNG. The surgery was an outstanding success; his vision improved from 6/60 to 6/9 overnight.

When Stanley is asked what his favourite part about his job is, he shares about his love for patrols; stocking up a banana boat with immunisations and supplies and traveling to rural and remote villages with Borna and their team. Stanley hasn’t been able to do patrols since his eyesight deteriorated two years ago.

“I can now get back to the remote areas – there is a lot of people out there with no healthcare available to them, this is where we must go,” said Stanley.

Stanley and Borna, who are now grandparents, are asked if retirement is on the horizon. They smile together and Borna says, “we will never leave this place, these are our people, this work is our heart.”

Indeed, healthcare is more than a job for Borna and Stanley, this is their life-purpose. Thanks to Stanley’s restored eyesight, their legacy in Tufi continues on.

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