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Kawau’s story is one that inspires us to continue helping in PNG

It was a normal working day in the sweltering heat when Kawau lost vision in her left eye. She was walking through the bush to collect some kindling for the fire in order to cook dinner for her family. That’s when it happened; something extremely small caused such terrible damage.

Kawau got a thorn stuck in the side of her head next to her eye and when she pulled it out, her vision went with it.

She never saw a doctor or an optometrist; she never received any medical help.

This happened two years ago, and for her left eye, it’s too late.

Fortunately, the vision in her right eye is still very good and to Kawau’s visible joy, the Ship’s optometry team was still able to help her. She was given three pairs of glasses, including sunglasses to make the vision she does have clearer. 

Kawau came into the clinic looking very burdened and downcast, barely opening her eyes.

She left the clinic with a huge smile on her face, her new glasses on, and eyes wide open.

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