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MV Pacific Link Re-deployed into PNG

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The MV Pacific Link, YWAM Medical Ships first Training and Medical Ship, has returned to Papua New Guinea to be re-deployed as a forerunner for the next phase of marine-based services in Madang Province.

Managing Director of YWAM Medical Ships, Mr Ken Mulligan, said he was very enthusiastic about the MV Pacific Link’s re-deployment as it will expedite and expand services, building capacity to many more remote and coastal areas.

“Our vision – in consultation with key stakeholders in PNG – is to have at least three ships operating right around the coastal and island regions of PNG,”said Mr Mulligan, “This is a great step toward that.”

The MV Pacific Link was YWAM Medical Ships first pilot vessel, which began operating in the Gulf and Western Provinces before it was replaced by the MV YWAM PNG in 2015, which is focused on serving remote villages in the Southern Region and Huon Gulf.

Mr Mulligan said that the MV Pacific Link has been an excellent pilot vessel. There were 249,000 health and training services delivered from 2010-2014.

The MV Pacific Link set sail for her maiden voyage to Madang Province on Friday, under the leadership of Brett Curtis (Director) for the northern coastline. Dialogue with stakeholders in PNG have given indication that this next step will be key to the expansion of further marine-based training and medical services around the nation.

Mr Mulligan said that the MV Pacific Link has been invited to begin its service in Sumkar District by the Open Member, Honourable Ken Fairweather MP.

“The MV Pacific Link will operate as a pilot vessel as we expand our services, we hope to be able to replace her with a much newer, larger vessel within the next three years,” said Mr Mulligan.

The MV Pacific Link will be welcomed by local officials today, before delivering primary health care, dentistry and training to coastal villages in Sumkar District.

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