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MV YWAM PNG’s First Outreach for 2016 A Success!

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YWAM’s Training and Medical Ship, MV YWAM PNG, has just completed a very successful first outreach for 2016 in the Kikori District, Gulf Province.

The voyage was particularly special and historic – it represented the first time the new onboard dentistry clinic, day procedure unit (for cataract surgery), clinical laboratory and extended-range patrol boat were in use.

Over the course of 10 clinic days, over 3,000 people received healthcare and training.  This included direct collaboration and support for 31 PNG health workers from across the district.  Mobile clinics were set up in a total of 16 villages.

Field activities included more than 3,000 immunisations administered, more than 600 spectacles dispensed and more than 50 sight-restoring cataract operations.

YWAM Medical Ships Managing Director, Mr Ken Mulligan, said that he was thrilled with the success of the first outreach for the year.

“Our capacity has increased exponentially with the Stage 2 refit including new onboard clinics and patrol boat. It has been incredibly heart warming to see the vision become a reality and so many lives transformed – to see the reach of the Ship expand, and particularly to have more opportunity for local health workers to gain experience and on the job mentoring,” said Mr Mulligan.

YWAM Medical Ships Senior Program Manager, Dr Sarah Dunn, said that 100 volunteers from 18 different nations had joined for the outreach, including 17 Papua New Guineans.

“Our teams worked closely alongside Gulf Christian Services on this outreach. Some of their staff worked with our dentists in the new clinic, others of their team had invaluable theatre experience and still others joined collaborative maternal-child health patrol across a wide area.  The Karati Sub-health Centre team also joined in collaborative patrol in their catchment.  It was such a terrific team effort – working together we achieved a lot across Ihu, Baimuru and East Kikori,” said Dr Dunn.

The MV YWAM PNG is now in Port Moresby to re-stock on supplies, food and volunteers before she sets sail for Western Province tomorrow, working predominantly in the Bamu Rural LLG, Middle Fly District.

Supporters of YWAM Medical Ships include the PNG National Government, Australian Aid, Puma Energy, Steamships Trading Company, InterOil, Western, Gulf, Central, Milne Bay, Oro and Morobe Provincial Governments, PNG Ports Corporation, Curtain Brothers, Rotarians Against Malaria and Pro-Ma Systems.

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