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No longer ashamed to laugh or smile | Kulang’s Story

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Since Kulang was a small girl, she would cover her mouth when she laughed or smiled, she was ashamed of the big holes in her two front teeth.

Kulang’s “before” smile

Kulang, who is now a mother of two, saw a dentist for the very first time in her life this month when the YWAM Medical Ship, MV YWAM PNG, visited her village in the Tewae Siassi District, Morobe Province. Kulang was one of the first to put up her hand to be seen.

“I heard about the ship coming a few days ago, and hoped that something could be done for my teeth. I was very nervous,” said Kulang.

After an assessment from YWAM Medical Ships’ volunteer dentist, Dr Megan O’Malley, it was determined that Kulang’s front teeth could be restored to their former glory. After a 30 minute procedure in the MV YWAM PNG’s dental clinic, Kulang walked out with a sparkling smile!

Kulang’s “after” smile

“I was so surprised to see my teeth in the mirror – I am just so happy! Now I can smile big again!”

Kulang was one of 696 people who received dental treatment during the MV YWAM PNG’s recent outreach to Morobe Province.




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