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Pair of glasses improves fisherman’s sight

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It’s a beautiful, sunny day for YWAM’s team to visit the scenic village of Gauri. Gauri is a remote fishing village nestled alongside a river in Gulf Province. The village is filled with the sound of laughter and exchanges, as Guari residents and YWAM volunteers gather in a circle for introductions before the day’s clinics begin.

A village elder, Imona, comes forward after the crowd dissipates and introduces himself to YWAM volunteer Bernadette Killin. Imona shares a little of his life story, explaining how he has fished and lived on the river all his life. While speaking, Imona shows Bernadette his intricately carved and painted traditional canoe, which rocks gently in the water next to his high-stumped house. Painted with locally made natural ingredients, it’s a stunning example of traditional craftsmanship.

Imona indicates the large fishing net he is mending. With only one good eye, progress is slow and fishing is difficult. ‘Would the team help him with glasses for his remaining eye?’ he asks Bernadette.

Before long, Imona is sitting with members of the optometry team, happy to have been reassured that they will do all they can to help. Very soon, Imona is prescribed a new pair of glasses and is able to see with clarity.

With a broad smile, Imona thanks the YWAM Optometry team for their help. Looking back to where his fishing net hangs, he shares, ‘Now, with my eye, I will be able to see what I am doing much better.’ Imona’s joyous appreciation and infectious optimism are a great reminder of how one pair of donated glasses can assist someone in their daily life.

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