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Puma Energy Donates 1.6 Million PGK of Fuel

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Puma Energy, Papua New Guinea’s leading fuel and lubricants supplier, today announced an extension of its existing sponsorship of fuel and lubricants to support YWAM Medical Ships’ work. The extension of the existing relationship for another 2 years and the additional funding value of K1.6million PGK, brings the total investment commitment by Puma Energy to YWAM Medical Ships to almost K4m.

A Funding Agreement was signed today between YWAM Medical Ships and Puma Energy at the Puma Energy office in Port Moresby. The contract represents an extension of the agreement held by YWAM Medical Ships and Puma Energy over the last two years.

Puma Energy’s PNG Country Manager, Jim Collings, said it was an agreement Puma Energy was proud to continue.

“YWAM Medical Ships is helping to reach some of the most remote communities in the country with health care and training in collaboration with local health providers.

“We are incredibly proud and honored to be fueling a journey that, in addition to improving health and training outcomes, that delivers sustainable brighter futures for individuals and communities, it also provides wonderful volunteering opportunities for PNG’s health professionals and young people to develop new skills and a sense of pride in helping PNG to be a better place.

“Puma Energy is committed to supporting the PNG community and this agreement with YWAM is just one of the ways we are doing this. The commitment, dedication, professionalism and skill of Ken Mulligan and the YWAM team is something that is quite frankly great to be associated with.

“Today is a day of great celebration as we make a commitment to continue our partnership for the benefit of thousands of Papua New Guineans,” said Mr Collings.

YWAM Medical Ships Managing Director, Mr Ken Mulligan, said “The ship story is impossible without true partners like Puma Energy. Jim and his team are outstanding in their commitment to PNG and very passionate about the role YWAM Medical Ships plays in that. Together we help thousands of very isolated people to have hope, practical help and training. It is a privilege to continue this vital partnership that is changing lives.

“Puma Energy have been a major supporter of YWAM Medical Ships over the last two years. Their support has literally enabled our ship to reach hundreds of incredibly remote, vulnerable communities.

“Just last week I was on Misima Island in Milne Bay aboard the MV YWAM PNG. Misima is such a remote beautiful place and as I watched our multinational teams in action, including many Papua New Guineans, I was so moved by their dedication to volunteer. They continually give of their time to build PNG’s capacity through primary health care, dentistry, optometry, and health promotion in collaboration with local health authorities,” said Mr Mulligan.

The MV YWAM PNG is currently serving at Woodlark Island/Murua before it returns to Alotau on 27 May. Since the beginning of 2017, YWAM Medical Ships has delivered over 130,000 health care and training services, benefitting more than 14,000 patients in 114 villages.


To view Puma Energy’s website, visit www.pumaenergy.com.au

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