Puma Energy Celebrate Partnership with YWAM Medical Ships

Puma Energy Staff Celebrate Partnership With YWAM Medical Ships

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Puma Energy Staff Celebrate Partnership With YWAM Medical Ships

More than 100 Puma Energy staff and their families have taken the opportunity to come aboard the YWAM Training and Medical Ship, MV YWAM PNG, as the vessel makes outreach preparations docked in Port Moresby today.

The visit came just hours before MV YWAM PNG (and her volunteer team from 15 nations) is scheduled to set sail on the first outreach voyage of its Stage 3 deployment. The ship returned to Papua New Guinea earlier this week after completing a further stage in its refit, including the addition of a second extended-range patrol tender, enhanced patient reception area and medical supplies handling facility.

Puma Energy has been a major supporter of YWAM Medical Ships since 2015 through the provision of MV YWAM PNG’s total fuel and lubricant requirements for their healthcare and training activities in the Southern region and Huon Gulf. This contribution is valued in excess of K1m per annum, totalling more than K3m as part of a two-year sponsorship agreement signed last year.

Today’s tours were an opportunity for Puma Energy’s many staff to get a first-hand view of the contribution of their organisation to the YWAM Medical Ships’ program under their Puma Proud sustainability banner.

Fuelled by Puma Energy, the MV YWAM PNG and her team of 100+ volunteers, travel to isolated communities delivering essential healthcare and training. So far this year, more than 30,000 people have benefited from the collaborative work achieved in 171 villages. From arrival this week, the ship is projected to be serving in PNG waters through until Stage 4 of her refit in mid-2017.

YWAM Medical Ships Managing Director, Mr Ken Mulligan, said that he was grateful for Puma Energy’s ongoing partnership.

“Our partnership with Puma Energy is a strong one because it is based out of shared values – a strong emphasis on harnessing individual strengths to achieve great things in team. We see this demonstrated at the village level with local communities and health care workers just as in major corporate relationships such as this one.”

“It’s hard to overemphasise the impact of the Puma Energy investment – Puma fuel is literally fuelling lives being transformed and a lot of hope being injected into rural communities and their health workers.”

“The Puma employees aboard today can feel very proud of what they are part of. We don’t hold these type of events very often so I’m glad to see so much interest and I hope they thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to see things first hand.”

Among the Puma Energy staff touring the ship, were senior company executives including PNG Country Manager, Mr Jim Collings.

“This partnership with YWAM continues to be a natural fit for Puma Energy, given its ongoing focus on improving the health and education prospects for women and children in the country.

“Our staff and their families can feel immensely proud of the role Puma Energy plays in assisting YWAM to bring vital services, hand in hand with empowering PNG citizens, in remote parts of the nation.”

“From the feedback we’ve received, our staff wholeheartedly support this initiative which has influenced us to continue the partnership. It is a very special part of our story here in PNG,” said Mr Collings.

Other major supporters of the work of YWAM Medical Ships in PNG include the PNG National Government, Australian Aid, Steamships Trading Company, PNG Ports Corporation and Morobe, Oro, Western, Milne Bay and Central Provincial Governments, Pro-Ma Systems and the Sohe and Kiriwina-Goodenough District Development Authorities.




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