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Further Renovations Complete on MV YWAM PNG

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The MV YWAM PNG set sail for Papua New Guinea more equipped than ever before this week following the completion of a series of renovations as part of the MV YWAM PNG’s medical refit.

The renovations include an improved patient waiting area, a training/living space, a medical re-stock room and the addition of an extended-range patrol tender. The renovations mark the completion of part of Stage III of the MV YWAM PNG’s development. Stage II of the renovations was completed in January 2016, and included the construction of a dentistry clinic, day procedure unit and laboratory which were first in use during the first quarter of this year.

The recent renovations will improve YWAM Medical Ships capacity to deliver healthcare and training in remote areas of PNG.

Falcon Boat

The extended-range patrol tender can transport up to 20 healthcare volunteers or patients to and from the MV YWAM PNG.












Medical Re-Stock Room

The once-was reception has been transformed into a medical re-stock room. Behind the doors is now home for our medical backpacks, consumables, glasses and vaccine fridge. Bench space is on either side of the room to assist with re-stocking medical backpacks at the end of the day, ready for the next day of clinics.


Patient Waiting Area

The space that once was home to a pool is now a space for patients to wait before going into the onboard clinics. A shelter has been built to block the sun (and rain!)


Bridge Deck

The bridge deck now has a shelter over the top which will double as another common area for volunteers and a training space for local health workers. This space will have walls and air conditioning added to it during the second half of 2017.










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