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Steamships Extend Support to YWAM Medical Ships

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Steamships Trading Company will presented a cheque for K100,000 to YWAM Medical Ships last week as part of their ongoing support of YWAM Medical Ships’ work in the Southern region and Huon Gulf.

Steamships Trading Company has been a strong supporter of YWAM Medical Ships since 2011, providing a total of K2 million, as well as significant in-kind logistical support.

YWAM Medical Ships Managing Director, Mr Ken Mulligan, said that Steamships have been instrumental in YWAM Medical Ships growth.

“Steamships have been a key, foundational partner who have greatly contributed to the amazing outcomes that have been achieved in hundreds of rural and remote villages over the last six years.

“We are very grateful for Steamships ongoing, tremendous support,” said Mr Mulligan.

YWAM Medical Ships partnership with Steamships recently expanded through their maritime training program. During the MV YWAM PNG’s most recent deployment, four Consort cadets joined YWAM’s Training and Medical Ship, the MV YWAM PNG for 18 weeks to gain sea time and experience as part of their maritime training.

The four cadets supported the MV YWAM PNG’s operations by working alongside YWAM’s deck officers, deckhands and engineers, all while gaining further training and hands-on experience.

Steamships Trading Company’s General Manager for Corporate Affairs, David Toua said that the cadet program was an exciting extension of their partnership with YWAM Medical Ships.

Serving aboard the MV YWAM PNG is a unique experience for our cadets – they have the opportunity to work alongside experienced, multinational seafarers while directly supporting healthcare service delivery to rural areas.

“These are the type of initiatives that align with our values as a company, our partnership with YWAM Medical Ships has given us another great way to invest into PNG’s workforce and maritime industry – I’m very proud to be extending our support by providing this additional funding today,” said Mr Toua.

After a very successful five-month deployment that was completed in June this year, the MV YWAM PNG is currently undergoing further renovations as part of Stage III of her refit. The MV YWAM PNG is due to return to PNG waters in October this year for a further seven-month deployment to the Southern region and Huon Gulf.

Since the beginning of 2016, the MV YWAM PNG and her team of volunteers have delivered healthcare and training to over 27,000 people in 171 villages.

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