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Village Health Centre Going Strong Under New Lights

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May Burara steps back from the triage station and eyes the lines of people waiting to see the healthcare workers. The busy day is another victory for her workplace, Manau Health Centre. Two years past, the centre closed down — a huge blow to the 16,000 people that relied on the Sohe District, Oro Province clinic.

The MV YWAM PNG continued its relationship with the village and visited several times while the clinic was closed. Nevertheless, the lack of consistent and immediate healthcare placed the ill, elderly, and pregnant at serious risk.

Thankfully, the clinic reopened in early 2017, and the MV YWAM PNG’s volunteers had the privilege of installing the clinic’s first solar lights in conjunction with the opening.

When the YWAM ship returned in August 2018, they were pleased to find a bustling clinic that flourished under its new lighting. 

Ms Burara, the clinic’s healthcare worker, says the solar panels were vital. “It helped a lot because before, the healthcare building was in the dark,” says Burara. There was no power, which meant healthcare workers had to attend births in darkness or lit by their mobile phone’s torch. “We need a light for mothers in labour,” continues Burara.

The lights help the centre’s four-person staff better tend the needs of Manau. That is invaluable to Burara. As she surveys men, women, and children waiting to be seen at the clinic, she says simply, “I love my job.”

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