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Welcome to our Online Application Form.  If you have any questions during the application process please don’t hesitate to contact us. Another option is to download a hard copy here and mail, fax, or email it to us.


Please make sure you have the following documents handy before filling out the application:

  • Photo (passport-style, JPEG under 1 MB in size)
  • Copy of passport photo page
  • Email address of a referee
  • Current CV/Resume

These documents are not required to process your application, but please attach them if you have them available.

  • Certified/Notarised copy of your degree or qualification (Medical Professionals)
  • Copy of your current practicing license/registration (Medical Professionals)
  • Professional Reference from your supervisor/colleague or institute (Medical professionals)
  • Current professional indemnity insurance certificate (sometimes known as ‘malpractice insurance’)
  • Copy of Marine Certifications (Marine Professionals)

Recruitment and Screening

Before proceeding further, it’s important to let you know that criminal record checks may be required of any applicant at the discretion of YWAM MS management and in-keeping with industry standards. We understand if you choose to discontinue your application on this basis. If you are willing to undergo such checks and sign and adhere to the YWAM MS Child Protection Code of Conduct (detail to follow), we welcome you to continue your application to serve with us.

M/V YWAM PNG Application

Outreach Selection

If you are interested in serving for multiple outreaches please select all for which you are available.

Please choose all that apply.

Personal Details

One Email Only.


Marital Status

Please upload a recent photo of yourself (passport style, jpeg only, no more than 1MB in size)
Mailing Address

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Passport / Visa Information

Emergency Contact Information

Criminal Record


Professional Qualifications
Crew Applicants

If you have maritime experience (I.e. Deckhand, Deck Officer, Marine Engineers), culinary, or hospitality experience, please attach your Curriculum Vitae/Resume and any marine certifications.

Medical Applican ts

Please note: We currently do not offer recognised medical/clinical placements for students.

In order to practice in the nation of Papua New Guinea, the following documents are required as a part of your temporary registration for the Nursing or Medical Board of PNG. *Your Curriculum Vitae/Resume is required to process your registration. The other documents can be sent through at a later date if there are not available now.

General Health

Please answer all questions and explain answers below.

*Please consider tropical conditions and mobility needed to transfer in and out of small boats and to navigate uneven terrain

*Note: smoking is prohibited throughout your time with YWAM MSA

*If applicable, please explain below.

YWAM Involvement

Personal History

Child Safeguarding
The short questions in this section relate to YWAM Medical Ships Working with Minors policy.
Please answer to the best of your ability.

Further training will be provided to successful applicants.

A lot of our activities involve working with children and young people, both in the PNG village setting and aboard our vessel.

Please provide your referee's contact details below. 

We request that this referee be a person unrelated to you. We will send your confidential referee an email asking for their reference to your registration.

Your registration cannot be processed without a character reference. 

Terms & Conditions

Release of Information

Any information gathered by YWAM MSA will, in no manner, be solicited for profit or personal gain.
  • After arrival - photos, video footage, quotes, or stories provided by me or obtained during my involvement with the YWAM MSA to be used for the YWAM MSA website and advertising material.
  • Personal contact information to be compiled into a contact list for distribution to the participants in my outreach.
  • Registration information (name, country of origin, home state) and photo provided by me to be used for internal administrative use including airport pickups, and photo boards of the participants for orientation day preparation.

Other Questions