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Dani Severn, YWAM Staff — I have really enjoyed my time on board the Ship. I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to come on board. I love being a part of this ministry and the small community on the ship. Hopefully I’ll get to come again next year.

Kaylie Arsenault, DTS – It was amazing. The team was all warm and friendly. We had some great laughs and good conversations. It was a pleasure to immerse myself in the PNG culture along with this crew. The food was good and everything was kept nice and neat

Tim W, General Volunteer/Optom Team – Excellent time; it was just a quick holiday for me but it will have made a huge difference to some of the patients we met. A good opportunity to get into a different culture and live with the people for a bit, not just be a tourist looking in from the outside.

Adam Dame, DTS – Everyone on this boat was such a blessing to me and I had the time of my life.

Maree Gounley, General Volunteer – Thank you all for giving me this opportunity to work together. It has been an amazing two weeks; life changing too!

Emily Oliver, DTS – My time on the Medical Ship was a great experience. It’s amazing to think about how much money, time, work, and sacrifice it took to bring everything together well. The people of PNG were so grateful but we were so grateful to be here and help them.

Leanne Lowry, General Volunteer for Dentistry/PHC – My regret is not being able to do this earlier. I have felt humbled during my time on the Pacific Link. The people of Kapuna have touched my heart … It has also been very, very rewarding. I have been blessed too. Thank you.

Bob Lowry, Dentist – I have found it challenging and inspiring, interesting, and sometimes confronting. This has opened up opportunities to be involved in the work in Papua beyond this outreach.

Jeremy Lung, Dentist – This has been my 3rd time aboard the Pacific Link and 2nd time to Kapuna and Baimuru. … I keep coming back more because I find that I learn and I receive much from such a place and its people.

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