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RYE_6968As the sun began to rise on July the 19th, the air was thick with anticipation. Representing a multitude of nations, the YWAM MSA staff gathered together on the Townsville wharf, ready to welcome the gorgeous MV Ammari as it came to dock for the very first time.

The docking of the MV Ammari marks the beginning of a six-month odyssey, where the ship will travel from Cairns down to Sydney until December 4th, promoting YWAM’s MSA work, and inviting locals to “get on board” with their Overcoming The Impossible campaign.

On August 8th, we had the privilege of hosting our annual Breakfast Fundraiser in Townsville, with a record 342 guests, making it our largest breakfast yet. Each of these guests heard about how they can Overcome the Impossible in Papua New Guinea and their support in extremely important to us.

People from all over gathered together for this event, including over 40 different businesses and Townsville leaders, 180 Papua New Guinea mamas and the Papua New Guinean dignitaries.


Speakers for the breakfast included our Managing Director, Ken Mulligan and our patron, Mike Reynolds, as well as the Papua New Guinean High Commissioner, (His Excellency) Charles Lepani, and the Deputy Secretary for the Department of Health, Dr Paison Dakulala.

The event was a major success, and donations are still coming in, with a total exceeding $60,000.

We have been blown away by the generosity of our guests, and look forward to future Overcoming The Impossible events.











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