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We asked our volunteers who are coming on outreach this year what excites them about coming on outreach, and what motivates them to volunteer… Here what a few had to say!

“I had always wanted to volunteer with my nursing and give back to others who don’t have access to health care like we do in Australia. A few years back I was on sick leave and looking through the newspaper when I came across an article about Hannah (Peart) and what she did with YWAM and the Medical Ship – and I decided there and then I would apply – so I did and I was lucky enough to spend 18 days in the Gulf in 2010 on the final outreach that year (there was only 3) – and I knew that I would definitely be coming aboard again as I loved the experiences PNG gave me. The reason it’s taken me so long to come back on board is because for the last 2 years I’ve been studying my critical care certificate to enable me to work in intensive care.”
“I get to visit remote parts of PNG again, which I’m pretty sure isn’t offered through most travel tour companies and I get to meet some amazing people on the way :)”
Rebecca Gray

I was motivated by my aunty, Pip Earl, who is a nurse and volunteers with YWAM. She in turn, was inspired by her Uncle, my Great Uncle, Athol who was a missionary in PNG in the 1950s.  Volunteering in PNG, and with YWAM, is something I would like to introduce as something of a family tradition.  We do not have any other traditions and I feel that this is an amazing opportunity and cause to dedicate ourselves to for now and the future.  I love helping people in general so helping people that actually need it and will benefit from me being there is something that really makes my heart sing.
“That is what 2013 is about for me personally, figuring out what I can do in life to make more of a difference rather than just cruising along.  Donating money didn’t feel like enough for me, so donating myself (!) is my alternative 🙂
Also, I read Bear Grylls book “A Survival Guide To Life”, in the past I have been sceptical of self-help books, I found that this book really lit a fire under me and made me want to get my teeth stuck into life.  One of the things I committed to after reading this fantastic book was to start volunteer work, I am very excited that as it turns out I have been accepted to start this adventure with YWAM!”
Stacey Magee

“I have been on the lookout for an opportunity to volunteer on a project overseas. I was shown the advertisement regarding YWAM Medical Ships and read the portfolio; what an exciting and giving way to give back to communities in PNG. I applied and was more excited to have been accepted. I love adventures and more so now that I can come and assist staff and community members with regards to their health. I also look forward to visiting the villages and mixing with the people in these communities.”
Robyn Reynolds

“I am very excited to meet new people and share this experience with some new friend and colleagues. I am also very excited to see a new corner of the world and all it has to offer. I know there are going to be many new medical experiences that I will learn from as well as many other experiences on the ship. I am looking forward to laughing, learning, sharing memories, and taking a lot of great pictures :)”
Anne McClary

“Well I think I just really felt that 2013 was the year that I was going to DO something. I have been working and studying for two and a half years since doing my DTS (Discipleship Training School) and haven’t had the opportunity to get my head out of the books. It just felt right to do this this year. I have also had friends encourage me to do simular things for the last 2 years so that was probably what prompted me in the first place. I had a real sense of excitement about doing this.
I love a new adventure!! I cant wait to meet the people of PNG and see their smiling faces! I’m looking forward to putting my skills into practical use and to help those in need. I’m excited to meet the other team members and to be a part of the YWAM family again.”
Lizzy Drew

“What really motivated me is the person I am right now; I‘ve been living with paralyses to my left foot, I struggled walking through my childhood but now I can walk but still paralysed. Anyway my mum heard about the Ship‘s visit during its last visit to PNG, but unfortunately we missed out, but that never stopped me from doing what most teenagers would do … I have a passion for helping others so one day I surf the net, typed down YWAM and everything appeared, so kept on following up until I finally found the Volunteering Program, so happy I signed in and thanks to Jennifer Perry I‘ll be on board on outreach 4. But I‘ll be more then happy to volunteer in other outreaches as well. Well nothing more to say just can‘t wait for the time to come.”
Jasmine A

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