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“YWAM Prepares to Sail Into Remote Costal Areas”

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Papua New Guinea’s news source EM TV reported on YWAM Medical Ship’s work in PNG.  As seen below.

The YWAM Medical Ships is preparing to sail out into the remote coastal communities of Gulf and Western province.

It will be its third operation in the areas that lack basic medical services due to geographical remoteness.

With the large health needs, YWAM aims to assist build capacity in these areas.

Each year, an estimated 4,000 children under age 5 die. Almost all die from preventable diseases or inadequate health care at birth.

Former Prime Minister and Patron of YWAM Medical Ships Papua New Guinea Sir Rabbie Namaliu said in a presentation that when it comes to the fundamental right to basic welfare, a vast majority of Papua New Guineans are largely neglected.

PNGs rugged terrain and remoteness are used to explain why our men, women & children don’t get the basic services they need.

The vessel Pacific Link leaves Port Moresby next week for the Gulf province with volunteers, all eager to assist in their capacity.


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